Rates & Trip information

"THE Day belongs to the angler"

Skiff Trips

Please contact for rates associated with the year you will be fishing.

Trip Includes

  • All gear is provided if you do not wish to bring your own equipment. I use the best equipment available, designed specifically to withstand long battles and endure the harsh saltwater environment.
  • All flies are hand tied. They are designed specifically for areas we will be fishing.
  • Bait and artificial lures for spinning/conventional tackle are also supplied.
  • A cooler full of ice and water will be provided.

What To Bring:

  • I ask that you bring any beverage other than water that you’d like, as well as any specific food/snacks you’d like.
  •  By chance you do not have any of the following gear below, the folks at Florida Keys Outfitters at MM81 in Islamorada, FL will happily outfit you with proper gear and tackle before your trip.
  • The sun in South Florida is harsh, but proper clothing will protect you. Most lightweight, UPF clothing works well as it dries quickly, prevents sunburn and keeps you cooler.
  • Polarized sunglasses; rose, amber, brown or yellow lenses preferably.
  • Lightweight hat; a dark underside on the brim works best to keep the sun and it’s glare out of your eyes.
  • Foul weather gear (top and pants); gore-tex material is best for it’s breathability.
  • Any medications you may need while on board.
  • Lastly, bring a great attitude! We are out there to have fun catching fish and creating lasting friendships.
  • Please let me know before your trip of any special accommodations you may need.

Deposit Policy:

  • To reserve your date(s), a deposit of $200 per day is required. All deposits must be received within 7 days of the reservation. Checks and money orders are accepted. If your deposit is not received within 7 days, your dates may be rebooked. If you are reserving dates for tournament fishing, please see below.
  • Tournament Deposit: 50% non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. See tournament cancellation policy listed below.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Your deposit will be credited towards a trip within one year from the original departure date if the original dates you reserved can be rebooked.
  • Less than 60 days before your trip: Deposits on cancellations less than 60 days are forfeit unless the days can be rebooked. Please note, there is a slim chance of this with such short cancellation notice.
  • Tournament Cancellations: In the event you have to cancel your participation in a tournament your deposit is forfeit unless the days are rebooked regardless of advance notice.

Will My Trip Be Cancelled For Weather?

This is at the discretion of the guide. If the weather forecast includes excessive lightning or unsafe conditions, your deposit will gladly be refunded to you with the exception of tournaments which are only cancelled in the Florida Keys when there is a named storm present. Once we leave the dock, we may encounter inclement weather during the course of the day. Generally, small rain squalls can be skirted and lee shorelines can be fished to avoid the strongest winds. If the forecast is marginal and you have a day available to fish later in the week, I will try my best to accommodate your request to switch your day. Remember, light winds up to 10 to 15 mph are normal here in the Florida Keys.

Why All These Policies & Rules?

Those of you that have fished with me for years know that it’s easy for the lines between business and friendship to become blurred. It’s hard to spend 8 hours a day on a skiff, day upon day and year upon year without building a relationship. The bottom line, however, is that guiding is my occupation. It is the business that supports my family and contributes to my emergency fund. I assure you, once I win the lottery I will take you fishing for free, but for now guiding is my livelihood and the water is my office. These policies keep the business end clear and allow us to continue to be friends both on and off the water.


This is not a guide’s favorite subject to discuss, but one that needs to be addressed. In my opinion, guides should not expect a tip unless they’ve earned it. Shallow water anglers most commonly tip 20%-the most customary tip in the service industry today. Before you decide what, if any, gratuity I deserve, ask yourself a few questions. Did I work hard to put you in front of fish, especially in windy or cloudy conditions? Did I help you with your casting, seeing the fish, and your fighting the fish technique? Did you have a great day? If the answer to these questions is yes, any gratuity you are able to provide at the end of the day is greatly appreciated. Here in the Florida Keys we have a high cost of living and my rates are set to make certain that the bills are paid. Any gratuity is a welcome bonus and goes a long way for me and my family. That said, if you’ve saved all year long for one special fishing trip, please know that tipping is not mandatory and I would rather that you take that tip and add it to your savings for another trip down my way.